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I have been an infusion patient for two years with Janet. Her technical knowledge is beyond reproach. There has not been a situation or a moment that she hasn't been able to handle with her skills and knowledge. Having someone come into your home can be very complicated. During the last two years Janet has not only been my invaluable nurse but has become a cherished friend and member of our family.

I would highly recommend Janet Roberts RN, from Vesretta Homecare LLC agency and it's team members as at-home caregivers. Janet came to us after my father had a stroke and stayed with us for 11 months until he passed away. Janet's nursing knowledge, kindness and the respect that she showed my father, was beyond compare. It was often a very physically challenging job as my father was very strong and often aggressive, but Janet managed it all. She was extremely reliable, never missed a shift and came in smiling and left smiling. Her calmness and spirituality supported our family through a very difficult time. We will be forever be grateful to Janet and her team. Janet is the kind of person you always want in your life!