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Disease Management

Disease management is an approach to guiding and monitoring a patient’s response to illness, as well as managing the course of chronic disease. Disease management seeks to lessen both the severity and duration of episodes of illness, limit activity restrictions that may result from chronic disease, and avoid complications that can lead to hospitalization.

Vesretta Homecare LLC offers disease management services to help our clients (patients) manage and plan their care process to avoid hospitalization and emergency room visits. Our highly skilled home care providers help bring back a sense of normalcy to our clients. Our team of Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses are available to work together with your family members and family caregivers to develop a comprehensive care plan for you.

Your loved one’s needs are our top priority. So, we want to provide the best service and programs to help our clients manage their chronic health conditions at home. You may contact us at +1 718 465 5151 to learn more about our service.