Our Story:

We have dedicated our lives to the caring of seniors for over the past 30 years. This all stemmed from being a Registered nurse and caring for relatives, friends and patient. Seeing the need of the Geriatric population where a great majority of them live alone, this has inspired me to venture into this business. Becoming a supplier of medical equipment and product such as diapers, gloves, and skin care ointments has allowed us to assist them in meeting their needs in the comfort of their homes.

We offer delivery services and we also ship it to you no matter where you are in the USA. Taking care of a great grandmother and then a mother has inspired me to enter the nursing profession. As a nurse who has worked with the elderly and the geriatrics for more than thirty years, it was realized that seniors need special care. This has not only inspired me but also motivated me to cater to their needs. In many instances when seniors are discharged from the hospital, they seem to be rather dismal. They are often concerned about what life will be like now that they are in need of special attention. This can be rather never ending and so there is always this compassion to reach out to them. It is with this in mind that the Home Care business came to mind. They would no longer have to go out for medical products but could have them delivered as well as acquire the nursing care that is needed.

Vesretta Home Care and Supplies Limited, whose founders are Mr. and Mrs. Roberts opened its doors on November 12, 2016. It aims at delivering quality supplies to the seniors as its number one priority. When the needs of the seniors are taken care of, relatives who assist with caring can enjoy more family time with loved ones. It is hoped that quality service will be given to this community. Determination and dedication are important in achieving success, together we will persevere and make this business successful. 

Our Mission:

“Is to enable seniors to live healthy lives and with dignity in their chosen place of residence.”


Our Services:

  • Free Blood Pressure Check done twice weekly on the premises
  • Free Blood sugar teaching with the purchase of each Blood sugar monitor by a qualified staff (RN)
  • Free delivery with every purchase above $75.00 around town
  • Free shipping with purchases above $75.00 online
  • We supply hospital quality Brands because you deserve the best